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Business Travel Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

If you’re thinking about taking your business on the road, consider that you may be in the market for some solid business travel advice. It’s one thing to operate from the comfort of your own home, but when work requires that you step out to move up, there are a whole host of resources that can help you to stay organized, productive and ambitious, wherever you go in the world.

Business travel advice

A Little Business Travel Advice With A Lot of Mileage

Between constructing a travel itinerary, adjusting for time zone alterations, and addressing unexpected hurdles in transit, understanding useful guidelines for on-the-go business means you’ll spend less time worrying about logistics and more time focusing on being the best entrepreneur you can be to better help your business thrive. Check out the following advice:

Stay Organized

Whether travel is an intrinsic, well-established component of growing your national or international business venture, or whether you are following a spontaneous but potentially lucrative lead for the very first time, you’ll need to keep everything organized and well-documented. Construct a day-by-day, even hour-by-hour itinerary for yourself so that you are always on time and goal-oriented. Scheduling free time may seem ironic, but it’ll ensure that you can enjoy yourself while still staying on top of business.

Along with organization, communication is key! Streamlining workflows using desktop and mobile applications will help mitigate the inevitable chaos of texting and calling your associates during travel. Some well-regarded conduits for communication, delegation and team management include Slack, Trello, Asana and Microsoft Teams. Apps like these will help ensure you maintain an active presence during your absence!

Pack For Success

You may be extremely busy with pre-travel logistics, but always make sure to pack ahead of time. While you’ll want to have comfortable clothes for long travel days, it’s incredibly important to bring other, more polished outfits that illustrate your commitment to professionalism. Explore different ways to fold suits, skirts, and jackets so that they don’t wrinkle in your luggage. Hanging them up or steaming them as soon as you arrive at your nightly accommodation is always best practice.

Moreover, remember to bring any paperwork and/or electronic devices you may need to run or conduct your business remotely. Consider the availability of charging devices en route, such as built-in airline chargers. Also remember to pack a power converter if you’re traveling internationally, as the outlets in other countries operate with different prongs and on different levels of wattage. MobileQubes’ national network of portable phone chargers will make sure that your battery is never left in the red.

Keep Overhead Low

Keeping overhead low is a fundamental entrepreneurial principle that surely applies to business travel as well. For those of us without the capital to run our operations from five-star hotels and first-class seats, cutting costs wherever possible is key.

But frugality doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are lots of affordable accommodation options that provide benefits other than extreme luxury. With companies like Airbnb you’ll be able to find unique local stays with hosts who are sure to give you the inside scoop on the area. For a more out-of-the-box travel experience, consider HipCamp, a hosting site featuring upscale treehouses, peaceful yurts and much more (all with Wi-Fi on premises, of course).

If your business trip is based out of a single location and may last a month or more, it may even be cheaper to find a furnished place for rent for the entire duration of your travels. Compare your options and learn how to stay both comfortable and cost-effective.

Maintain Professionalism

These days, the prospect of travel is more exciting than ever. The major pluses of any trip include enjoying the journey itself, encountering new experiences, and delighting in any unexpected adventures that come about in transit. But the most important thing to remember when it comes to business travel advice is that a work trip does not equal a vacation!

Responsibility to co-workers, employers, investors and clients should absolutely be prioritized over individual desires for diversion and fun. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself while traveling, only that it should never come at the expense of upholding your professionalism. Best practice here involves keeping the partying responsible so that you stay on top of deadlines and remain alert during meetings. Here are some helpful guidelines on how to keep your body in impeccable shape wherever your journey may lead.

Be Bold

Traveling can teach us valuable skills that later enable us to capitalize on dormant potential: Through traveling, we remind ourselves that it’s always possible to choose new personal directions, take risks and chase down our most ambitious dreams.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to network in new places by using online databases to connect with other changemakers in your field. You never know who might take a special interest in your ideas or expertise. Even if you’re not actively seeking exterior professional involvement in your work, such connections can last for many years down the road.

Even though it might be a bit intimidating to put your best foot forward in a new city or state or even foreign country, don’t let your confidence recede into the background. Try to mold any present fear into excitement instead, reminding yourself of why you’re on a business trip in the first place—because you’re qualified to represent the brand that you’ve worked incredibly hard to build. So long as you recognize that, others will too (no matter what language they speak!).

MobileQubes for Mobile Business: Business Travel Advice From the Pros

Shuffling between hotel rooms, subway stops, long flights and meetings often means one tragic thing: lost chargers. Here at MobileQubes, we know the importance of staying connected to your business and a forgotten power cord should never be the issue standing between you and your entrepreneurial mission.

That’s why MobileQubes is designed to serve on-the-go go-getters who have more important things to do than micromanage a dead phone. From New York City to Vegas and back, we’ve got what you need. With hundreds of self-service charging kiosks located in major cities across the country, MobileQubes provides a secure network of rentable, portable battery packs to help you stay powered (and empowered!) during your domestic business travels. Find a Qube today!