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How to Get to Fire Island from Penn Station

Whether you’re planning a week-long summer vacation or just a quick weekend trip, you may have been wondering how to get to Fire Island from Penn Station in New York City. Fire Island’s vibrant vacation towns can feel remote from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan or Brooklyn, but getting there involves only a car or train ride followed by a trip on one of the regular ferries that cross the bay just south of Long Island.

You might be looking to take public transportation from New York City to Fire Island, or you may want to rent a car to get there. Read on to learn how to get to fire island from Penn Station easily.

How to get to fire island from penn station

Where Is Fire Island? Picking a Beach Destination

Before you pack your bags, you need to make sure you know which Fire Island beach you’re going to. Fire Island is a thin barrier island that is over 30 miles long and sits parallel to Long Island’s South Shore. The location is comprised of a group of villages and hamlets that serve as summer beach destinations for people in the New York metro area and beyond.

Some of the most visited towns on Fire Island include Ocean Beach, Saltaire, Kismet, and Atlantique. Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines are known as popular destinations for gay and lesbian travelers, and in many cases, when someone says “Fire Island,” they are referring to these towns.

Depending on which town you’re going to, there are different ways to get to Fire Island.

How to Get to Fire Island from Penn Station on a Ferry

Because Fire Island is a small island that is separated from Long Island by the Great South Bay, you’ll need to take a ferry to get to your final destination. There are a few different ferry options to Fire Island, and knowing which town you’re going to will help you know which boat you will need and where it departs from.

Check out the key below to figure out which ferry to take.

The Fire Island Ferries

This ferry will take you from Bay Shore Station to

  • Kismet/Fire Island Lighthouse

  • Ocean Beach

  • Ocean Bay Park

Check out the Fire Island Ferries schedule here.

Sayville Ferry

This ferry will take you from Sayville Station to

  • Cherry Grove

  • Fire Island Pines

  • Sunken Forest at Sailor’s Haven

Look up the Sayville Ferry schedule here.

Davis Park Ferry

This ferry will take you from Patchogue Station to

  • Davis Park

  • Watch Hill

The Davis Park Ferry can be viewed here.

How to Get to Fire Island from Penn Station on the Long Island Railroad

Long Island Railroad (LIRR) is a convenient network of train lines that run eastward from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens to destinations including Port Washington, Far Rockaway, and Montauk.

Because each of the three aforementioned ferries is located near LIRR stations, the rail system is the most convenient way to get from Penn Station to Fire Island. When you’re boarding the train at Penn Station, make sure to get tickets on the right branch of LIRR. No matter which town you’re visiting, you want to take the Montauk branch from New York City.

In most cases, you will have a connection, where you need to transfer, at either Jamaica Station in Queens or at Babylon Station.

Where Do I Get Off LIRR for Fire Island?

For the Fire Island Ferries, get off the train at Bay Shore Station.

For the Sayville Ferry, get off the train at Sayville Station.

For the Davis Park Ferry, gett off the train at Patchogue Station.

How Often Do Trains Leave Penn Station for Fire Island?

If you’re planning how to get to Fire Island from Penn Station, you’re probably also wondering how often trains leave the terminal. Generally, trains depart Penn Station every 30 minutes–1 hour. Depending on when you’d like to arrive, check the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s LIRR train schedules to make sure you arrive on time.

Penn station to fire island new york

How to Get to Fire Island from Penn Station by Car

While it’s easy to learn how to get to Fire Island from Penn Station on public transportation, you may want added flexibility with your travel. Sometimes coordinating with train timetables is too difficult, or maybe you have too many bags to carry on LIRR.

Renting a car is an easy alternative to get to Fire Island. While the island itself is car-free, you can easily drive a car to Bay Shore Station, Sayville Station, or Patchogue Station and then hop on the ferry from there. Make sure to plan your parking in advance as lots near the station can fill up early, especially during busy summer weekends.

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