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MobileQubes Phone Charging Harrah’s New Orleans Locations

On the hunt for phone charging Harrah’s New Orleans guests can rely on? MobileQubes has the solution you’re looking for. We can help you deal with a low charge on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device whether you’re a local or a visitor to the Crescent City.

With our nationwide network of kiosks offering portable charger rentals, you don’t need to worry about carrying wires, cords or adapters with you on the casino floor. By using MobileQubes, which has three phone charging Harrah’s New Orleans locations, you can get your devices back to 100-percent battery with our cordless chargers that plug directly into your device. Plus, you can continue to use your phone while it charges up.

New Orleans is frequently listed as one of America’s best cities to visit, and with the abundance of amazing food, live music, and things to do, it’s easy to see why. With large numbers of tourists visiting from all over the world for the city’s many events, conferences, and more, New Orleans is a place people go to stay connected. MobileQubes helps you keep in touch by ensuring you’re never out of battery life.

Conveniently located in Harrah's New Orleans and in other centralized locations around the Crescent City, MobileQubes phone charging kiosks are easy to access and use. When you rent a Qube from one of our phone charging Harrah’s New Orleans kiosks, you’re able to return it to that location or any one across the country that’s nearby once you’re finished using it. Or if you want to keep using the Qube going forward, you can purchase it and recharge it quickly with a standard micro-USB cable.

About Harrah’s New Orleans

Harrah’s Casino New Orleans, located at 8 Canal Street, just outside the French Quarter and overlooking the Mississippi River, opened in 1999. Drawing on local influences, the interior is French Quarter-themed with bright lights, Mardi Gras colors, wrought iron balconies, and lots of music.

The casino replaced the former Rivergate Convention Center, which was demolished in 1995. The new construction was meant to evoke the casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco, as well as two separate World’s Fair events: the New Orleans 1885 Cotton Exposition and Chicago's 1893 World Columbian Exposition.

So many people pass through the casino on a daily basis, and plenty of them are in need of a quick charge for their smartphones or other mobile devices. If you’ve forgotten a charging cord at home or can’t find a free outlet, getting your device out of the red can be a huge hassle. Thankfully, there are three MobileQubes phone charging Harrah’s New Orleans locations conveniently positioned within this emporium of entertainment.

MobileQubes Phone Charging Harrah’s New Orleans Locations

Whether you’re in New Orleans on a vacation or business trip, or you have lived here your entire life, you’ll appreciate that phone charging Harrah’s New Orleans guests trust is close by. You can confidently rent or buy a Qube from any of our four kiosks around Harrah’s Casino New Orleans.

In fact, if you find that your phone battery is low upon entering the casino, there is a MobileQubes kiosk immediately inside near the entrance on Poydras Street. You won’t need to hunt for an outlet or scramble for a charging cable, just rent or buy a Qube before you hit the casino floor, and have a fully charged device all night.

Phone Charging Harrah’s New Orleans: Poker Room

The Poker Room at Harrah’s New Orleans has ten tables that feature some of the best poker in the South. Seasoned dealers are versed in many varieties of the game, some are more accessible for more recreational poker players and others are geared toward seasoned veterans. With games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and 7 Card Stud, casino guests are all but guaranteed to have an amazing time in the Poker Room.

There is a MobileQubes kiosk in the Poker Room that can be easily accessed by guests who don’t want to jeopardize a hot hand or lose their place at a table.

Phone Charging Harrah’s New Orleans: Outdoor Pavillion

Harrah’s Casino, like most of New Orleans’ entertainment establishments, used to allow smoking indoors, but times have changed. To keep its long-term clientele happy, some outdoor gaming pavilions were constructed to capitalize on New Orleans’ tropical climate, which is perfect for staying outside most seasons.

These unique oases allow Harrah’s guests to have access to over 125 slot machines in an outdoor, yet climate-controlled environment. One of the gaming courtyards even features blackjack tables! Even guests who are not smokers can take advantage of these unique environments and play to their hearts’ content with New Orleans as a picture-perfect backdrop.

Guests headed outdoors to the pavilion closest to Canal Street can locate a MobileQubes phone charging kiosk near McAlister’s Deli, so whether you’re indoors or outdoors, you can make sure that your mobile device will be fully charged. Qubes can be rented or purchased outright, depending on your need.

Phone Charging Harrah’s New Orleans: Casino Masquerade

In addition to world class table games like blackjack and roulette, Harrah’s features one of the Crescent City’s most unique and exciting nightclubs, Masquerade. With multiple bars, live music, the city’s hottest DJs, and a state-of-the art lighting and sound system, Masquerade guarantees a high-energy party.

There is a MobileQubes kiosk placed inside the club, so guests can dance the night away without worrying about their mobile devices. There is no need to miss out on capturing some epic memories because of a low battery.

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Near Harrah’s New Orleans

Harrah’s Casino is located just outside the French Quarter, which has been in existence since 1718, making it the oldest neighborhood in the city of New Orleans. From the historic Jackson Square to the bars on Bourbon Street to the art galleries on Royal Street, the French Quarter has something for everyone to see. And with the largest concentration of restaurants within New Orleans, it has something for everyone to eat as well!

With so much to see and experience at your fingertips, leaving Harrah’s New Orleans with a well-charged phone battery is a must.

MobileQubes Phone Charging Harrah’s New Orleans

Whether you’re a NOLA local or visiting from out of town, MobileQubes has you and your phone covered with the phone charging Harrah’s New Orleans guests love.

MobileQubes offers a secure network of portable charging kiosks to make sure your attention stays on what matters most, not your phone battery. Our portable, rechargeable Qubes are available at any of our self-service kiosks and can be returned at your convenience to any of our locations.

Find a Qube in Harrah’s Casino or anywhere across the city.